Facts not Fiction

- Well since I'm constantly asked about my ethnicity I shall start with that: drumroll please... I am full Salvadoran, However I literally just purchased a Groupon on ancestry.com because I'm curious to know what's in this mix lol, so I shall keep you guys posted with the results.

-I am the oldest of 4 and was raised by a very hard working single mother.  I truly admire womanhood and what we're capable of. 

-I like to think of myself as a true Aquarius. Yes, yes, I'm into signs and stuff but don't live my life by them. Loyalty, frankness, witty, friendly, stubborn, and imaginative are definitely characteristics of mine. 

-I am fluent in English and Spanish. Spanish was actually my first language and even though I was born in Los Angeles, I lived in El Salvador for a whooooole year. Attended school there and everything (they have theeee best snacks).

-My top three pet peeves are: Lies, people that don't smile back, and hypocrites.

-I absolutely love to travel. One of my travel goals is to visit all the wonders of the world
(probably a combination of old and new). So far my top three travel experiences have been Egypt, Paris, & Dominican Republic.

-Jo of all trades: past jobs include but are not limited to Chuck E. Cheeses, bartending, radio street team, bank teller, retail sales, and librarian assistant. All this has taught me is that I highly dislike corporate America and I AM going to be an entrepreneur!!! Still figuring out the details but I am not afraid of a challenge!

-I have vivid dreams every single night!

-Top Snacks: Sweet potato fries, white chocolate, pinkberry (pomegranate), mango habanero chips, my own guac recipe, and elotes when they're available lol

-For the most part I am a homebody, I guess it's because I enjoy being comfortable and make up free, with a solid moisturizing mask on.

-Modeling is enjoyable for me because I grew up reading magazines, I was a magazine hoarder. I loved making "mood boards," even though at that time I had no idea what they were. Art is very special to me no matter the medium. I even have a minor advertising.

-Last but not least, I am definitely a hippie at heart.